Natural Hair Don’t Care!

For years I was so worried about getting blowouts and styling my hair! It was fabulous for a minute then it became a huge hassle and extremely costly. I would travel and have to find the nearest blowout bar because I didn’t want to leave my hair “natural” and had to have a blowout (with the hopes it would last for a few days). Dry shampoo was my best friend for years… Not sure what changed with me but I started to become so annoyed with booking salon appointments and realized I was avoiding working out so I wouldn’t ruin my blowout! Ridiculous right?

In a sense I was letting my perfectly coifed LOB hair rule my life! Ugg…soooooo…I decided to embrace my natural hair, no thickening spray, no round brush blow outs, no more velcro rollers, just started to keep it simple and natural. I have finally learned how to manage my hair and realized that it really became more about the haircut than the products and daily maintenance. I feel free and relieved and my hair is thanking me for giving it some time off with no blowouts.

I am now trying various hair clips, headbands, ponytails and fun buns to style my hair. I am also using nutrient based detangling sprays that are protecting and nurturing my hair. I also use a weekly deep conditioning mask and a gentle paddle brush.

So save the blowout for special occasions! Your hair (and wallet) will thank you! Here are some of my favorite products to use:

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