Mascara Secrets

Making up your mind about mascara is a tough one! Do you want thicker lashes? Longer lashes? Darker lashes? Well, after trying just about every mascara on the market, I decided I want longer, thicker and darker lashes, oh my! Ha! But can I actually get it all!? Yes, yes I can!

I have been using a medium wand mascara with a growth component in it. Every time I apply mascara, it actually helps my lashes grow longer and fuller over time. The larger want keeps them fluffy and gorgeous and I alway opt for black mascara in order to give my lashes more of a pop and dramatic look! So I do believe I have found it all!

Although I love my Chantecaille Longest Lash Mascara, let me break down the different type of wands for you:

Classic Wand

This traditional mascara wand is what most people use on a daily basis. My favorite example is Maybelline Great Lash! It’s ideal for volume, fullness and fluttery lashes!

Jumbo Wand

Gives serious volume and thickness, quick to apply with great results. My personal favorite is Almay Multi-benefit Eye Mascara 4 in 1!

Skinny Wand

Being able to get right to the root of the lash, this wand ensures great length, making them longer and more defined! I would highly recommend Maybelline Push Up Drama!

Curved Wand

This wand is great for long straight lashes, hugs the lash at the root to tip curling the lashes. Covergirl 3-1 Curved Brush Mascara is ideal to achieve this look!

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  • Reply Julie Buteyn August 29, 2019 at 1:40 am

    Great blog, Kristin. Classy, cute and educational. Example: I didn’t know I could/should be using more than one type of wand for more results!

    • Reply Kristen Taekman September 1, 2019 at 10:59 pm

      It makes such a difference!! What kind of mascara are you using now??

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