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Malibu Wine Safari

Who knew there was a super fun Wine Safari Tour right in Malibu! Josh and I had a great date night ! 

I have always wanted to do this tour!!! We have all heard about Stanley the cool giraffe from the The Hang Over III . Remember when the guys hijacked him and he met his fate on the 405 freeway (if you don’t watch here )… well Stanley is alive and well retired and living up in Malibu! I am embarrassed to say that while watching an episode of The Kardashians a few years back I saw the ladies on a wine tour and safari, I just assumed they were in Sonoma or somewhere else but when I realized they were in Malibu, I instanlty looked up Malibu Wine Safaris.  I knew Malibu had vineyards but zebras, yaks and a giraffes? I had no idea!   How cool is this place. My in-laws live in Calabasas and and its been on my list to do a date night with my BOO on this tour and finally we made it happen!

You need to buy tickets online ahead of time and I recommend arriving 15 minutes early (we were late and almost missed it!!) The tour is in a fun open air truck and you get to hear about the history of the property, see beautiful artwork, cool vintage memorabilia and you even get to feed the animals. You make 2 stops and get to try 3 white wines on the 1st stop and 3 reds on the second. Plenty of opportunity’s to take lots of amazing photos, plenty of Instagram worthy shots including this super cool retro vintage trailer park.  When the tour is over you can get can get a shuttle down to Malibu Wines  and listen to music while taking in the amazing views of the canyons. I highly recommend heading over to the Malibu Cafe for dinner after, it’s right down the road! Under what you should wear on an urban safari? Here are some suggestions!


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