Luxury- Sneaker Trends

Isn’t it mesmerizing the way in which fashion can take all of these amazing twists and turns? What was once considered old is now new and what’s new can become old again (dated) so quickly! There are numerous trends from the past that I still consider as fashionable. In other words, I can see these styles making a comeback in the fashion world. However, there are other trends from the past that I don’t consider fashionable yet they have become today’s most coveted looks. Cut to the latest footwear trend; the “Grandpa Sneaker” trends. Yes, you read that correctly! The big sneakers with thick soles and big arches are back and trendier than ever. I have distinct memories from my childhood of my dad wearing the exact same sneakers that have now been “revamped” by designers such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. I’m pretty sure I recently saw a my dads sneaker in Fendi’s spring campaign…like almost identical minus Fendi logo. Umm, I seriously had to do a double take. Read my full post on Dot Luxury!

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