I’m a Bloomingdales Loyallist !!! Are you?

Up until recently I wasn’t a Bloomingdales Loyallist, can you believe it?!? I was in the store buying makeup a few weeks ago and a sales person asked me if I was a Loyallist and if I wanted to use my points? Ummm what points but yes! Are you familiar with the Bloomingdales Loyallist program?!? If not, make sure to CLICK HERE to sign up! Keep reading to learn about all of the benefits!

Being a Loyallist is the most rewarding way to shop (literally)! First of all, you get 10% off of your first order just for signing up. Signing up is free and takes seconds, all you have to do is enter your email address and some basic info. Every time you purchase something at Bloomingdales, make sure to enter your Loyallist number in order to start accumulating points. For every 5,000 points you receive a $25 gift card! When you purchase shoes, perfume or cosmetics, you earn double the points! Umm, sign me up! You also get free shipping and returns when you purchase online (woop, woop)! Bloomingdales is my spot in the city because A)- I’m obsessed with Forty Carrots, it’s my go-to lunch spot, B) It’s an easy subway ride from my apartment, only 3 stops on the 4/5 train and C)- Bloomingdales is always fabulously on trend and the deals are just too good to pass!

The Loyallist rewards program has made shopping at Bloomingdales even better! So if you aren’t a Loyallist, make sure to sign up because you are missing out on so many rewards! Happy shopping!

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