Holy Moly Destroyed Sweatshirt

The Holy Moly Destroyed Sweatshirt , who knew holes in clothes were cool again.. can someone please tell my Mother !


Photos by Sasha Moiger

Ha.. can’t you just hear your Mother saying to you .. “You have a hole in your sweater dear!” Ha .. Maaaa… it actually suppose to be like that! Its “COOL”. Don’t you just love the name of this sweatshirt…”Holy Moly”?!? I wasn’t sure if I loved the “holy” trend when it first started. I have always been a fan of destroyed denim but destroyed sweatshirts? Mmm… not something I liked at first glance. Since I am a fashion blogger and try to stay in sync with the hottest trends, I decided to order this sweatshirt to see what all the rage was about! Ok…I totally get! I am now a fan of the holy trend. It is so comfy, affordable and versatile; the three things I look for when adding new pieces to my wardrobe. I paired my sweatshirt with cropped jeans and my new favorite pair of gladiators but I’ve also been wearing it with workout leggings if I’m going for a more athleisure look.

Holy Sweatshirt


Gladiator Sandal

Cry Baby Nail Polish

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