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Dolly Parton

We just left Dollywood, yes Dollywood! You all know I am a huge ELVIS fan and this whole road trip is a Pilgrimage to see him. But I couldn’t pass right by Dolly and not stop in to say hi! After all, I am sure they were friend (or met at an award show or had a southern friend in common…wouldn’t you think)?

I couldn’t find any photos of them together, not a great sign. But I am hopeful that they were in fact friendly. While researching Dolly and trolling the Dollywood site, I found myself playing Jolene over and over again on my iPhone. What a powerful song. I love everything Dolly stands for. A strong smart woman who has a wild spirit  and untamed voice; a true southern family woman.  I learned that Dolly wanted to give back to her home town later in her life so she built Dollywood to provide jobs etc.

We had a great time at Dollywood, it’s really like every other theme park in terms of rides except it was mountain themed and had a little extra Southern charm. We stayed at Dolly’s new hotel called the DreamMore; such a beautiful hotel with tons of children activities. They had story time, arts and crafts as well as outdoor movies complete with s’mores. The food was delicious and we had an all around great time! I would 100% go back for at least a 4-day stay .There is so much more to do!

For this small portion of the trip, we will have to click off the Elvis and tune into Dolly .

I’ll let you know for sure but I’m pretty sure its safe to say that Blondes do have more fun!

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