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Disney Land


Disney Land!!!

When in California, Disney is always a must. It is perfect and lots of fun for all ages! After all, Disney is the happiest place on earth. My family and I ventured to the west coast over spring break and made sure to spend some time at Disney. We hit up three parks in three days along with my friend Tania and her daughter. This was truly the best trip to Disney to date. The kids are older and everything seems so much easier; no stroller and no naps makes for such a great day!

Standing in front of the castle still seems so wonderful to me after all these years. We got to go on my all time favorite ride…It’s A Small World! Oh that song still rings in my head over and over, I just love it!! Kingsley also loved the old faithfuls like Alice’s Tea Cups and Dumbo. Cash and Josh went on a bunch of the “bigger rides”. One thing I wish I knew prior to going to the park was the VIP Tour Services Disney offers. For a couple hundred dollars, you get picked up by a car service, VIP accommodations at parades and expedited entry to some rides and attractions. If I knew about this new service I would have totally used it. While it was still a fun day, the lines were super long which made it impossible for us to do everything we wanted to do. Next time!

One thing I knew I had to make a reservation for was Ariel’s Grotto. I have to say, I was just as excited as Kingsley… (I mean hello… Ariel was the Ilse of my time!!) Ariel grotto is located in the California Adventure side of the park. It was like a dream come true for Kingsley as she had the chance to meet all of the Disney princesses! Yes… all of them.. every one of them are announced as they visit each table and chat with the kids and Mommies.  I was so impressed by the actresses hired to play the princesses. They were so professional and they had the perfect mannerisms for their characters. Josh and Cash took off and did some big boy rides for a few hours and grabbed pizza for dinner and we had a fantastic girly dinner with princesses. The reservation was for 5:30pm we had a full day  the park and by 5:30pm we were pooped…ready to sit and eat a decent meal (and have some wine!!!).

As a perfect end to the day, the boys continued on to some more coasters while us girls relaxed at dinner. Kingsley, Tanya, her daughter, and I relaxed having dinner at Arielle’s grotto, us moms sipping on wine while the little girls were in princess heaven. The wait for the restaurant was much shorter than the wait for the rides during the day. We only had to wait for about ten minutes before we were seated. For an amusement park, the restaurant was upscale and tasty.

All in all Disney is really one of the best places on earth!




















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