Conceal Me Please!

Conceal me please! The older I get, I find that concealer is my best friend. But what color am I? How many times do you go to the store, pick out a concealer, apply at home and realize you chose the wrong shade? Me, every time! If you can, leave it up to the professionals to help you choose your color but if you can’t, I definitely suggest using these suggestions when picking a concealer…

First, make sure of your skins undertone. Pale pink concealers brightens blue-toned spots on fair skin, peach neutralizes blue shadows on medium skin tones, yellow is great for olive or tan skin tones because it offsets darker shadows, green neutralizes redness and lavender helps cancel out yellow tones!

A concealer is meant to cover discolorations, lighten dark spots, cover blemishes and blend in with your foundation to even out your skin tone! A concealer that does not work with your skin tone is pointless and will not do any of the above. If you find that your blemishes and under eye area has become worse, not better with your concealer, then you are definitely using the wrong color.

The Facts: there are 3 kinds of concealers, liquid, cream and stick .

Cream is best for normal, dry, combination, or sensitive skin. The beauty of cream concealer is that it’s buildable so you can apply more without looking like a “cakey” mess. It works great under the eyes and is considered one of the best concealer formulations for covering discolorations.

Stick concealer is great for combo skin or normal to dry and sensitive skin. This is one of the easiest concealers to apply with your fingers and it’s also buildable.

Liquid concealer is best for normal to oily skin and breakout prone skin . This type of concealer is the most versatile and is great for most skin types (except dry) and offers great buildable coverage.

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