Camo is Calling

Growing up, my Dad and uncles would hunt behind our house. I always remember how they would get out of their trucks wearing fleece camo jackets. Well, here we are, 20 years later and I just bought this fab fleece camo jacket from Nordstrom.  Ha! Who would have thought those hunting jackets would one day be stylish and trendy? I feel like all I have to do is raid my parents coat closet to find the latest trends in fashion: (chunky sneakers, plaid shirts, shearling coats…I could go on and on). Good news, looks like my Pops is a super cool dude and ahead of the fashion game lol!

Well by now I’m sure you all know how much I love camo…camo in the city, camo at carpool, camo on the weekends…you name it! Like I’ve said in previous posts, I just think this particular print is each to match because it goes great with neutral tones, brown tones, grey, green and black. It’s a very versatile print that looks amazing with a pair of jeans but just as good when paired with solid black joggers. LOVE! By the way, did I mention how warm this fleece is?



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