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I attended a Maybelline Eye Brow luncheon in NYC and boy oh boy did I learn a thing or two about eyebrows!! Maybelline has cornered the market on eyebrows with their revolutionary new Brow Play Studio app! This is such a great app because it allows you to change the color and shape of your brows and it also informs you about what products/colors you should be using!

Maribeth Madron is a makeup artist and eyebrow EXPERT that has been working with Maybelline for years. It was amazing to have the opportunity to listen to hear speak as she is so knowledgable and informative.

I was especially thrilled to pick her brain because a few days prior to the event I butchered my poor eyebrow and put a whole in it! I was trimming my brows, as usual, and I guess I got a little overzealous…oops! Has that ever happened to you?!? Until I started seeing Maribeth, I used to comb my eyebrows up and trim. This is NOT the correct way to trim! Maribeth explained that eyebrows grow similar to feathers on a bird; each hair is intertwined and overlapping the next. This was news to me! In order to get symmetrical brows, Maribeth suggests you level them by using a pen. Line the pen horizontally in order to get the right symmetry and dimension. Sounds so simple right?!?

The new products from Maybelline are amazing, affordable and work like magic! I pencil in my brows daily with the Brow Drama Pomade Crayon in soft brown. (* Note- Match the pencil to your low-light hair color). According to Maribeth, the correct way to apply the pencil is in a flicking motion, starting at the arch and slowly working your way outwards. The key is to remember to apply upward and outward in order to avoid overdone eyebrows. After using the crayon, I add the Brow Drama Pro Palette under and above the brow to add depth. Lastly, I use the Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in soft brown…this is the MOST important part! It’s fab and lasts all day! Best part about it….it defines arches with the first-ever sculpting ball brush. It is my all time favorite gel tint for brows that provides a comfortable and natural hold with no clumping or flaking! Definitely worth checking out these great new products! I know this sounds SUPER overwhelming and a ton of work but I promise you, it’s not! It takes less than a minute!




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