Breaking the Wind – Monday Motivation

Spice up your work out with a fun new pair of reversible leggings! (2 in 1)!

Photos by Sasha Moiger

The weather is changing which means it’s time to switch up your workout routine along with your workout gear! During colder months, I tend to run on the treadmill in my leggings and a tank top or sports bra. But now that it’s officially spring, why not head outdoors and enjoy the nice weather ? I love this lightweight, breathable and waterproof jacket. I know it looks a little basic but I promise you it’s a workout necessity ! I also wear it when it rains, to my sons soccer games and sometimes even pair it with a jeans and sneakers.

Now let me tell you about these static reversible workout leggings…they are amazing! You are essentially getting 2 for 1 (woop woop)!!! They are four-way-stretch leggings made from moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable even during a heavy sweat sesh!

Reversible Leggings 

Waterproof Jacket

Flyknit Sneakers



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