9 to 5


Working 9 to 5… What a Way to Make a Living…


Photos by Angie Garcia






I’m not a 9 to 5 girl…I’m actually a 24/7 Mommy. But when I do have to attend the occasional meeting or ladies lunch, this is my interpretation of Dolly Parton’s modern day 9 to 5 moment. This velvet blazer is awesome for this time of year and can be paired with absolutely anything; jeans, skirts, dress…you name it! This blouse is also ALL the rage but I’m not quite sure I’ve mastered tying the bow…oh well! I just knotted it and let it drape- I kind of let it make it’s own rules; life is too short to stress the minor details of modern fashion.

Asos- Cigarette Trouser

J.Crew- Leopard Pump

Michael Kors- Bow Blouse

Fendi- 2Jours Tote

James Jeans- Velvet Blazer

Pop of Color- Rags to Riches 

Pop of Color- Cry Baby

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