Adding Color Pops

lipstick-2lipstick-1When in doubt, add a Pop of Color!

Lately, I have been doing my own makeup and I have to admit, I’m getting better at it! Not great, but definitely on the right track. Whenever I’m having one of those “blah” days, I try to add a Pop of Color on my lips to make me perk up. It really works! A bright, bold lipstick, some light blush and a little mascara can turn your “blah” day into a “lets go out” kind of night! When in doubt, add a pop of color and you will look fab, gorgeous and ready to go!


Lancome-Plum Lip Contour 

Lancome- Le Violet Lipstick 

Lancome- L’Absolu Rouge Base

Nars Blush- Orgasm

Miansai- Screw Ring

Miansai- Screw Bracelet (Rose Gold)

Miansai-Screw Bracelet (Gold)

Polish- Pop of Color The King

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