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I’ve always dreamed of having custom made clothing! 










What do you get someone who has it all?? I feel like a lot of people run into this problem, especially around the holidays and birthdays. I finally have a solution… you buy them a gift card to The Tailory so they can design a custom shirt. Such a fun and original idea!
During this past Fashion Week, I went to a presentation and met Shao Yang, a fabulous designer at The Tailory. The Tailory specializes in personally designed, fitted and curated collections for each individual client. The possibilities are endless and one-of-a-kind which is awesome and really rare nowadays.
I visited their store and designed a custom shirt and pair of pants. It was so much fun to be a part of the design process. You get to pick out every detail; the collar size and shape, the button on the cuff, what type of buttons, the fabric, and even monogramming. EVERYTHING! They also help you make a Pinterest board with your favorite looks in order for the designers to get a better understanding of what you are looking to buy. It’s basically a personalized Pinterest board that expresses your mood and inspiration.
I never realized the amount of work it takes to design a classic button-down shirt. To have something made to fit your body is such an fun experience. Needless to say, you feel great walking out of the showroom because your new clothes fit like a glove!

Pop of Color- I’m Pretty

Peserico Coat- Similar found (here)


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