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little black pump

Little Black Pump

little black pump

So there’s the Little Black Dress, the Little Black Book, and then there’s my favorite! The Little Black Pump! Nothing is more timeless than the LBP. You can dress them up with an evening gown or rock them out with leather pants and a band tee. The possibilities are endless. Everyone needs a solid pair of black pumps. I tend to like suede. I keep my LBP’s in good condition by spraying a suede protectant every so often and storing them in a clear Container Shoe box. This helps so much! Little Black Pumps are great because it’s in every designer’s toolbox and they will never go out of style.

Alot of you guys have expressed some curiosity over my tattoo. I have a bit of Native American in me on my father’s side (I like to joke that it’s only my right arm’s worth!)  I have three tattoos, yes, you read that right! The last of them was this particular tattoo but it hurt like H.E.L.L. Believe it or not, I actually threw up halfway through the process. I have a pretty low tolerance for pain LOL. I have always loved the symbol of a feather. A feather means that you are on the right path, something I always aspire to be on.

Pointed Toe Pumps, Carra High Heel – Ivanka Trump

Varcityy Heel – Steve Madden

Black BB Suede Point Toe Pumps – Manolo Blahnik


A Walk With Elvis


I often find myself wishing that I could take a walk with Elvis. And folks, I finally did. I took these shots while I was on the Sex and the City On Locations tour right outside of Aidens bar.
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