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One of my absolute favorite new trends is Cryotherapy. Have you heard of Cryo? Yes…the machine that freezes you, ha! My husband has been doing it for months and finally convinced me to go! Quick Cryo is right in my neighborhood of Tribeca, so I decided to check it out and am now completely hooked. It is a one stop rejuvenating shop, complete with an oxygen bar, localized cryo, cryo facials and sequential compression. But the main attraction is the state of the art full body Cryotherapy machines.

After signing in I sat down at the oxygen bar (I’ve only been to one other oxygen bar and that was in Vegas so it’s probably not worth mentioning). This is a completely different experience; it was therapeutic and I was able to choose from an assortment of essential oil scents. The oxygen bar is meant to reduce stress, increase energy, improve digestion, relieve muscle tension and lessen Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It also enhances the cryo session by replenishing your body with pure oxygen. After about 10 minutes of drinking cold pressed juice and checking my email while at the oxygen bar, it was time to move on to the cryo-facial. The cryo facial induce cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone and reduces the effects of aging. Quick Cryo offers localized cryotherapy, which helps reduce pain in specific areas of the body. It targets swelling and triggers an internal anti-inflammatory response; think ice bath but much more efficient. I had it done on my bad ankle and I honestly felt so much better throughout the day.

While I was having my facial, I was also having sequential compression therapy…I know this sounds a little crazy. This type of therapy is used in order to increase circulation to designated areas of the body. It also enhances flexibility as well as slims and tightens your muscles and skin! I opted for the “shorts” which is basically compression tights on my legs and lower abdomen. They almost look like hockey pants. The pants hook are hooked up to a machine and every few seconds you feel a huge suction innnnnn and ouutttt (over and over again). The best way I can explain it is like getting your blood pressure taken but 5 times more pressure. This therapy is incredible but especially after a workout. And now, for the main event…full body cryo!

Quick Cyro has the Cadillac of machines that gives you the option of heating up before it freezes you. I opted out of this option because it was my first time I was nervous and kind of just wanted to get it over with. Can you blame me? The session lasts between 2-3minutes and drops to -280 degrees. In that short time frame you get so many amazing benefits from cryotherapy. What it basically does is removes toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood because the cold stimulates your body’s central nervous system. It enhances your immune system, reduces pain, accelerates muscle and tissue repair as well as burn 500-800 calories. During my session I decided to turn on the Rocky theme song (my anthem for motivation) to get me through 3 minutes of frigid air. I put on my gloves, slipped on the knee-high socks, slipped on a pair of Ugg boots and jumped into the booth. Believe it or not, it wasn’t that bad! 3 minutes when by so quickly; my Rocky song wasn’t even over lol. I have to admit that snuggling up in a Frette robe as soon as I stepped out of the cryo machine was amazing and instantly warmed me up.


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