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Paris is Calling

Paris was calling! So, of course, I answered and bought a round trip plane ticket from NYC to Paris! In my early twenties I lived in Paris for about three years while modeling across Europe. I have such beautiful and fond memories of my time there and I have been itching to go back ever since. But as we all know, life just gets in the way and I hadn’t been able to make it back until recently.

I decided to venture back to Paris on a girls trip with the purpose of rediscovering the city in a whole different light. There is nothing like springtime in Paris and I was so excited to revisit my old neighborhood and retrace my 20yr old footsteps.

When traveling to such a glamorous city, one of the first things I thought about was “Ugh…what do I wear”?!? I knew I wanted to do a little shopping while there but I needed to be prepped and packed long before the trip. Two suitcases and many weather reports later, I was ready to go! Here is a recap of my trip and fashion diary of my stay in Paris:

Day 1 – We were so lucky and had incredible weather throughout our trip. Since it was a beautiful day and exceptionally warm outside, I decided to wear a light summer maxi– the “Bloom Me Away Dress” by Nic+Zoe. In order to add a little extra style to the dress, I belted it with a neutral toned foldover belt. We started our day off visiting the Eiffel Tower followed by lunch at the original Ladurée followed by high tea at La Galerie at the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. All of the places we visited were rather upscale and chic dressing was a must! There is no better way to be comfortable yet chic than rocking a sleek maxi dress. Plus, I wanted a dress that I knew wouldn’t wrinkle because there is nothing worse than going on vacation and being left with no iron and wrinkled clothing…am I right?!?

Day 2- Have you heard of  Père Lachaise Cemetery? It’s where some of the most famous people are buried such as Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison (just to name a few). I knew we were going to do quite a bit of walking this day, so naturally, I opted for a chic pair of slip on sneakers. It was also a bit chilly in the morning so a lightweight jacket was ideal to carry along. If you didn’t know already, it is totally fine to pair a maxi dress with sneakers! This is no longer a fashion faux pas so save your feet and wear those sneakers! After visiting Pere Lachaise, we walked over to a delicious bakery called Stohrer. Marie Antoinette’s baker started this bakery hundreds of years ago! Needless to say, the pastries were incredible and beyond delicious. We then walked (I told you there was a lot of walking) to Place Vendome for a little shopping before heading over to the beautiful Tuileries Garden. By this time we were exhausted but I must say, my feet were doing just fine! We then crossed the garden and made our way to Place de la Concorde to get those iconic pictures of the Eiffel Tower. After numerous photos and a solid 30 minutes of trying to get the right angle and shot, we made our way to dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel. This particular dress, paired with my favorite stitched belt, was the ideal outfit for dinner! But…it was time to change my sneakers for a nice pair of colorful mules. I had to add a little pop of color to my outfit, especially since we were about to eat at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Day 3- We finally made it to the Louvre! This was the coldest day during our time in Paris so I opted for a sleek pair of pants with a matching tank and fringe jacket. Since we were heading to the Louvre, it was the perfect occasion to dress a little bit more on the sophisticated side (*I still wore my sneakers). After viewing the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, The Raft of the Medusa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace, we made our way over the Seine River to get a close up view of Notre Damn. We then had a delicious lunch at Cafe Deux Magots while enjoying a little people watching.

Day 4 – How could we go to Paris and not visit the most Instagramable places in the city?!? I am obsessed with these Nic+Zoe destination pants and matching top! I saved my favorite outfit for last since I knew we would be taking tons of pictures! And can we just take a moment to talk about how these sneakers saved my feet? The mules were ideal for dinner but I don’t know how I would have made it around the city without these comfy (yet chic) sneakers. We started off the day at Rue Cremieux; a charming cobblestone backstreet filled with the most vibrant colors. We then made our way to La Maison Rose, a beautiful restaurant located in Montmartre. I was so surprised to meet the owner and learn about the history of this little restaurant. The owner told us that Picasso used to frequent the establishment! Isn’t that incredible? Paris is so rich in history and culture and you will find it in the most unexpected places throughout the city. Since it was our last day, we spent some time shopping in Saint-Germain-des-Pres followed by the most incredible dinner at Café Marly, overlooking the Pyramids at the Louvre.

All in all, it was one of the most memorable trips I have taken and I can’t wait to return to this incredible city. I am proud to say my packing list was “spot on” and I used just about every article of clothing that was in my suitcase. Until we meet again Paris!

Full List of Clothing by Nic+Zoe:

Bloom Me Away Dress

Poppy Bow Mule

Destination Tank

Destination Pant

Stretch Stitched Belt

Voyage Fringe Jacket

The Perfect Tank

The Perfect Pant Front Zip Ankle

Isla Slip On Sneaker

Casablanca Jacket

Foldover Leather Belt

Destination Dress


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