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Pajama Time

Pajama Time | LNLPajamas have evolved for me. Until recently, I didn’t think too much of them and to be honest, I didn’t really get it…

Pajama Time | LNL Pajama Time 3 | LNL Pajama Time 4 | LNL

Photos by Mia McDonald, taken at Castle Hotel and Spa

Why do I need an entirely separate outfit to go to bed in? I would always wear a wife beater and a pair of my boyfriend’s boxers… newsflash, that’s only sexy when your 23! Who knew! I grew up wearing a classic nightgown;they were usually flannel and itchy. I just remember waking up in a tangled mess, completely uncomfortable. When I got married, I was still doing the t-shirt/boxer thing when something clicked… you are a grown woman, get yourself some darn jammies! So now, I’m a total jammie connoisseur. I like a matching pant-set. I find that J.Crew has the best. Banana Republic also has some great options around the holidays which make for perfect, easy gifts. The one I’m wearing here has a more menswear fit and I like it because it is sort of the graduated boyfriend-boxer look.  I LOVE my PJ’s.  I have many, many different styles and I find that the moment I am home for the day and know that I am not going back out, on the PJ’s go.

J. Crew – Pajamas

Lipstick- Mac- Flat Out Fabulous

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