Happy Healthy Balanced Peaceful Life


Happy. Healthy. Balanced. Peaceful. Life 




It’s almost 2017… can you believe it? Is it just me or did 2016 really fly by? I say it every year but this year in particular has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I’ve decided to start 2017 with a completely new mindset and a fresh start, living a “Happy. Healthy. Balanced. Peaceful. Life.

My friend Robin is such a generous and talented person who decided to start a company with a mantra I think everyone should live by! Who doesn’t want to live a Happy Healthy Balanced Peaceful Life?!? Robin decided to print this mantra on a single tee shirt and soon enough, people were asking where she bought her shirt! She started a small business selling

various products with the purpose of donating a portion of profits to organizations such as Girls, Inc., The Her Initiative and many more. I truly respect anyone who is able to start a business with the purpose of helping others who aren’t as fortunate.

Robin’s products are all made in the USA, extremely comfy and made out of cotton/spandex blend. She recently added hoodies to her collection, just in time for winter. Please check out her website and support a wonderful cause! Click HERE to see her latest products 🙂 She now has this sweatshirt with pockets!!!

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