Covering up with Covergirl

Covergirl is still around for a very good reason! Why? Well, they know what they are doing! The “cover” in Covergirl goes a very long way, meaning I just tried their new Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation and boy does it work! Check out my before and after pictures below to see the difference. The older we (I) get, the more I rely on makeup for any imperfections. Ahhh, seems like just yesterday I was able to leave the house while only wearing lipgloss and a little mascara. Nowadays, leaving the house without makeup is like leaving the house without wearing a bra! I mean hello… not happening! I was walking through CVS the other day and realized Covergirl teamed up with Olay and now have a great variety of foundations and concealers. I am a huge fan of both Olay and Covergirl so I decided to test some of their new products and keep you posted. Bottom line, they are fantastic, especially for the price point.

I have been using a BB Cream but with it doesn’t have any age fighting ingredients so I was thrilled to see the sheer formula from Covergirl & Olay with awesome benefits! The creamy formula goes on smooth, doesn’t crease and lasts throughout the day. I have broken blood vessels under my nose, discoloration in sections around my cheek and my under eyes need all the help they can get (much needed brightening and tightening)! Over all I was pleasantly surprised with Covergirl & Olay’s latest products. Luscious beauty at fabulous prices, yes please! Watch my IG stories to see more on these products.

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