Brown is this Seasons New Black

All of my winter jackets end up being my best friends by the end of the season, so when I get a new one, it’s a big deal! I spend a lot of time with my jacket so I have to make sure we get along!

I tend to wear way too much black in NYC and it’s my go-to “color” during the winter season. I wanted to switch things up a bit this season and add in a versatile brown wool jacket. I’ve decided that brown is this seasons new black!

I was browsing through the latest arrivals section on and found this perfect double-breasted wool jacket by Eileen Fisher. I also realized I needed a new pair of black jeans so I opted for a cropped pair that allows me to show off my boots! Eileen Fisher Slim Pants are the way to go! They are a cotton/spandex blend and are super comfortable yet stylish.

I always find something while browsing on because it is SO well organized! I searched by color and style and voila, it was that simple to find the latest additions to my closet.

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