Winter Pastels- 3 Pink Sweaters to Cheer up your Winter Blues!

Happy New Year! I know I am a bit late but I think that you are free to use that expression for the whole month of January, right? Lol. Not sure about you but for me, this time of year is rough. The holidays are over, the new year is here and it’s time to fulfill our resolutions. The days are shorter, the the weather is gloomy and I can’t help but want to spend a little extra time watching Netflix. (P.s. have you watched The Politician yet?!?! OMG it’s amazing, love love love! Add it to your must-watch list).

Anyways, the only glitter of hope in my book is Valentines Day but that’s still over a month away. So what do I do besides hot yoga, lots of green leafy salads, tons of coffee and as much sleep as possible!? I wear lighter brighter clothing despite the dark grey days! Nothing says happy like pastels in the winter. I love the sweaters here below almost as much as I love a cozy night in with Netflix lol! Stay positive peeps, spring is right around the corner, we got this!

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