Stacked Rings

Stacked Rings

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are all the rage right now. I feel like everywhere I look, people are stacking more and more rings.


I don’t feel complete unless I have all of my stacked rings on. It has become an integral part of my jewelry routine. H&M and Topshop are great because they already have pre-set ring stacks that you can buy at a reasonable price. I like to try and mix high and low price points together to make something that is unique to my style. From silver to rose gold, you can absolutely mix and match. There are basically no rules! I’m always on the lookout for a stackable ring to add to my collection.

Double Ring – Melanie Auld

Deep V Ring – Melanie Auld

Pave Circle Ring – Melanie Auld

Pave Double Ring – Melanie Auld

Pave Double Knuckle Ring – Melanie Auld

Nail Polish- Pop of Color- Easy Like Sunday


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