Upgraded Silk Pajamas for Fall

I am a jammie girl through and through! If I get home and know I don’t have to leave my apartment for the rest of the day, I slip into my jammies and I’m in for the night (even if it’s 3pm). My kids are the same way; we are all about our pajamas, robes and cozy slippers (or UGGS in my case). I think my PJ game evolved somewhere around the time I had my first baby. Gone were the days of wearing my husbands T-shirt to bed. Since I was spending most of my time in my pajamas and had numerous visitors, I realized it was time to step up my pajama game.  I discovered matching 2-piece PJ sets and have worn them ever since. 

I am obsessed with matching sets because they keep you looking put together even when you are lounging around the house. Take it from me, people will think you look chic in these sets, mark my words! Since my kids are now older and I don’t have to deal with sleepless nights, spills or baby spit up, I’ve even been able to upgrade from cotton sets to sophisticated silk sets! I’m loving my latest pair from Nordstrom. This set is silky smooth and perfect for fall weather. I am all about it (even while glamping in the woods)…


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