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Messy Mommy

Messy Mom
I love being a Mom. But I have to admit, with my schedule and two kids under 10, I tend to be a little messy.

 It took me a long time to realize, within myself, that it’s okay to be messy. I was doing a photoshoot in my apartment and the photographer just took a picture of me sitting on my desk and I was a little embarrassed when I realized how messy I was. But honestly, I realized, I could spend an hour cleaning up my desk, or I could spend an hour doing something more productive. The desk in the corner of my room is my workspace and with NYC having as limited space as it does, all my stuff is in one spot. But, it’s also great because I know where everything is! I love corkboards and am always posting and tacking inspiration and little notes on my boards. Furthermore, I honestly don’t know what I would do without Post-Its. They are an absolute must. If I don’t write something down the second it crosses my mind, it could be gone forever. Life shouldn’t be spent cleaning up after your kids. It should be about enjoying the memories that lead to creating those memories. Also, check out that painting in the background. I made it myself!

Post-it Notes

Cork Board


Push Pins

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