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I came across this amazing, upscale womenswear brand that is exclusively designed for the “elongated frame” Aka…reinventing fit for tall women! Kaersten Cooper is an independent designer based in San Fransico, CA who came up with the fabulous idea of designing clothing that is specifically tailored to the frames and lifestyles of tall women. When you have longer arms and legs and broader shoulders, it is often difficult to find clothing that fits properly! MARGE clothing is manufactured in the USA and is ideal for us ladies who have a difficult time finding clothing that doesn’t need to be altered. MARGE has so many fabulous textiles with custom prints and colored designs, all of which are designed in house by the amazing MARGE textile design team.

I have received numerous compliments every time I wear this outfit! It is so chic and perfect for any event. If you want to dress up, pair the matching top and bottom, but keep in mind, you can also wear these fabulous pants with a bodysuit and a statement necklace for a more casual vibe.

I love the background story of how this company started! The name “MARGE” was inspired by a series of love letters written by Kaersten’s grandmother to her grandfather year’s back. MARGE was the moniker Kaersten’s grandmother would use when signing her letters. Isn’t that adorable and so sweet?!?

All in all, I love a brand that encourages tall women to embrace and enjoy their “Life Up Here” by Wearing Life Well! If you have trouble finding clothing that fits, I highly suggest taking a look at MARGE. They have beautiful high-end clothing that is perfect to wear all year round!

MARGE Clothing- Sabine Jacquard Pants

MARGE Clothing- Simone Jacquard Top

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  • Reply Esme Salinger August 1, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    The sewing and fit on this top and pants are terrible. The quality is like something one would see at K-Mart. Just my opinion.

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