Makeup Monday Blemish Busters

I know, I know…there is absolutely nothing worse than waking up to a zit. Whether  you are staying at home all day or have a huge bussiness meeting…UGGGGGGGG it’s just the worst! I have been dealing with skin issues my whole life. Yes, I was on accurate in my early 20’s…During my early modeling days, my face was a mess. I had different makeup artists working on me every day, I had a poor diet and tons of travel reeked havoc on my poor skin.

These days (thank goodness) my breakouts are less and less. The good news about being older is that you get to be in tune with your body, knowing what works and what doesn’t work for you and your skin. As an example I don’t do well with “all natural products ” and fragrant products because the irritate my skin. I generally look for oil-free products for my skin. For more about my skincare routine click HERE to read about the products I use on a daily basis. My skin definitely gets mad at me if I’ve had too many sweets or too much wine…although I don’t use prescription zit zappers anymore, here is what I reccomend for those stubborn break outs! (And NOOO, toothpaste is not one of them) LOL!

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