Holy Sweatshirt!

Holy sweatshirt! The “cold shoulder” has been trendy since last year so I guess it’s here to stay a little while longer. I’m not so sure how I feel about it…what about you all? There are so many variations of the cold shoulder…dresses, sweaters, tees and my personal favorite…the sweatshirt. When I think of sweaters I think of warm fire places and hot cocoa but I definitely don’t think of off-the shoulder tops during the winter. However, fashion says otherwise! Since it is trendy, I went with the most practical style…a comfortable sweatshirt that still gives the “cold-shoulder” without running into the “I need a strapless bra” problem.

One of my biggest problems with the cold shoulder trend is having to wear a strapless bra because the straps would show through. Not with this sweatshirt!!! This is the ONE i’ve found that allows you to wear any bra you’d like. This is one of those don’t have to think too hard about getting dressed looks. If you want to stay on trend and go for a cold-shoulder top, I really recommend this one! It’s the perfect price point, comfy and stands out from the crowd!

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