Hair Treatments- Makeup Monday

Ahhh where do I even start with my hair ;((( EEEkkkk it’s the first time in my life I actually wish I wasn’t a blonde (ok I don’t actually mean that lol). I have decided that my color is out of my hands…nothing that can be done about it for the next month or so. I decided to concentrate (on mastering the top knot lol) and keeping my hair healthy with treatments.

3 weeks ago my family and I fled NYC to a friends country house and when I was packing, I went into my makeup cabinet and pretty much dumped it all into my suitcase! When I finally got around to unpacking, I was so excited to see that I had inadvertently packed all of my hair treatments!

I have been doing an eye patch on a regular basis trying to keep my skin moist and ready for the real world whenever we are able to get out of quarantine. In the meantime, it’s time to concentre on my hair!!! Remember those VO5 hot oil treatments from back in the day? My mom swore by those and I have to say, with good reason!! They work! So this makeup Monday, let’s concentrate on some much needed self care for the hair!

Hear are some of my favorite hair care finds:

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