How are you all doing out there? What day is it? Not sure but does it even matter? Ha! Nope, I am not sure that it does, sadly. But at least we are all in this together! There are so many fantastic sales that are happening because of our current Covid crisis that I felt like it would be a great idea to feature a Friday Fave weekly sale update. We all have to remember that will will eventually come out of this, hopefully right in time for fantastic weather! With that being said, let’s take advantage of all of these EPIC sales, yes I used the word EPIC lol because most of these sales are so darn good that we would all be fools to not take advantage of them. After all, we are all going to come out of our caves, looking like a MESS, so the very least we can do is be wearing a fab new pair of shoes LOL! Here are my favorite finds from this weeks Steve Madden sale (40% off site wide)! Also check out what’s on sale at another one of my favorite stores, CLUB MONACO!

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