Coffee Break

Time for a coffee break! (Or in my case, a hot tea break)! Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. These little trucks actually have great coffee and are one of NYC’s best kept secrets!

We all love our jeans but how about jazzing them up with pearls and this seasons latest trend, white boots! Ohh if only this beautiful weather would last a little longer. As much as I love fall, can it just wait a minute before it starts getting too cold?

I work on my blog from home and live in lower Manhattan in the Financial District. Although we don’t have “traffic” like most of you are used to (sitting in bumper to bumper traffic) we have crazy pedestrian traffic! It’s debatable but I think this might be worse. Any day of the week there is a sea of people walking on the sidewalks as they head to work or their lunch break. This particular day, I beat the rush and made it just in time to get a picture without a swarm of people waiting in line by the coffee truck!

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